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The Lantal success story begins with the incorporation of a linen weaving mill in 1886 – and it continues to this very day. Lantal has been producing textiles with passion for 130 years, and in 1959, we had the first opportunity to work for the bus industry.

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In all these years, we never lost track of what drives our work: our passion for textiles. This heritage still constitutes the heart of Lantal and inspires us to deliver peak performance. We focus on innovation and leverage our many years of experience and our know-how in all of our products.

Stable relationships, the community spirit, and trustworthy partnerships: all these values are gaining significance again. Lantal has always kept them alive and handed them down from generation to generation:

Lantal started serving the aircraft industry very early on: In 1954, our textile mill sold the first seat covers to KLM, the Dutch flagship carrier. Thanks to close collaboration with Boeing and Nasa, the company was able to accrue extensive know-how in the development of flame-retardant textiles.

Since Lantal acquired Weberei Meister AG in 1956, we have also been weaving fabrics for the railway and bus industries. In these nearly 60 years, Lantal was able to accrue considerable experience in national and international projects that expanded our competence in these domains.